Aircon Services

Aircon Services

ISO Home Care’s Airconditioning Services

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With over 15 years of experience in aircon services, our team of experts are well equipped to handle any sort of aircon problem. Some of the services we do

Air conditioner Installation: We have expertise to fit all types of air conditioners. From split aircons, cassette type to even window ac’s. Our crew are equipped with all the right tools to install the aircon without any hassle.

Aircon repair : Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen all the possible reasons an aircon has stopped working. Our team is very good at troubleshooting. They perform basic tests to identify the problem area and repair that part to get your aircon working again. This keeps your repair cost low.

Aircon cleaning : Aircons need to be cleaned on a regular basis, for proper functioning. Cleaning the filter and removal of dust can boost the performance of your aircon exponentially. It might seem like a simple process, but cleaning the holes of the filter can be an arduous task and our experts and patient enough to clean each particle of dirt from the filter.

  • The water tray and fan blower is cleaned for fresher and healthier air
  • The coil is wiped
  • The drain pipe is cleared of all debris, dust and soot.
  • The filter is meticulously washed
  • The gas is checked

Chemical cleaning : Every once in a while, an old aircon gets too dirty and a simple cleaning process doesn’t cut it. We possess a special chemical agent that thoroughly cleans out all the dirt in every nook and cranny of the aircon machine, while cleaning the major parts like the coil and other parts.


 free quote

Free Quote

Free quote with no commitment required. We know our prices are reasonable, but we want to give the freedom to the customer to choose our service based on the cost we mention.


 licensed professionals

Licensed Professionals

Licensed professionals, approved by the government of Singapore. Our experts have to pass exams, tests and need to have real world experience to get the licenses.


 100% customer satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our job is not to just do the job, but to do a thorough job and make sure your home is as we found it. Our cleaning crew will clear up the place in case of any dust or debris because of the service rendered.



When do you need to repair your AC?

Excessive Noise : Generally aircons make a slight humming noise. But if there’s too much noise coming from your machine, there’s probably an issue that needs to be rectified.

Not cooling enough : This is obvious, but people a lot of times, don’t notice that their AC is not cooling enough. So once in a while pay attention to how much your aircon cools the room in the lowest temperature. If it’s not enough, call us!

Water Leakage : Water within a machine is never good. It can rust the inner parts and can corrode the important parts and reduce the working life of your aircon. When your aircon leaks, there’s excess water produced and there is no right outlet. This is an issue that needs to be fixed.

If you have any of these above issues or need to get a new air conditioner installed.

Reach out to us at (65) 6745 0150 to book an appointment.

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