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    Product Description

    There are two types of bracket first you have to choose from them. One is standard TV bracket and the other is adjustable swivel TV bracket. After choosing the bracket mark the place on the wall where you want to install your TV. For that, you can use a cardboard of the size of your TV. Ideally 40-45 inches above the floor level of your house. After the measurement draw points to drill and mark them with a pencil. Don’t forget to check the level properly. If you are facing difficulties in checking the level alone use help of a friend or family member. Now use a power drill and drill holes on the spots marked with the pencil for bolts or wall bracket screws. Now attach your bracket properly with bolts or wall bracket screws provided in the bracket kit. Now let a friend hold the mount and attach the screws or bolts properly to make it hard and stable. Remove any stand on the back of TV frame. Take the help of a friend or family member and place the TV over the bracket. Lock the mounting arms and check the stability if you see any problem do the necessary adjustments. Now you are ready to go.

    Do you want to install a new TV bracket for your LCD/LED TV and want a professional to help you do it? We offer you the results you need, with support for all TV bracket sizes and immediate installation!

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