Landed Properties Painting Package

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    Landed Properties Package

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    Product Description

    ISOHomeCare’s landed properties painting service will help you to keep mould and rot at bay by sealing visible cracks and signs of wear and tear on all surfaces through the use of appropriate paints and coats.


    Besides beautifying your home’s appearance, the paintwork will aid you in protecting the external walls against the elements in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.


    With a choice of colours and types of paint that are appropriate for special requirements such as odour-sensitive or allergy prone occupants or homes that require frequent washing, our professional painting and coating experts will recommend the best solution to protect and beautify your home and to choose the right combination of colours to make your living space look bigger.


    Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with our experienced painters and coating specialists who will inspect your property and advise you on the best approach and painting solution for your home.


    Our 3-Step Painting Process


    1) Pre-Painting Site Inspection – Our sales representatives will visit your home for a site assessment of the condition of the walls and provide recommendations to ensure the best painting results.


    2) Preparation & Precaution – Before any work starts, our main priority is to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your furnishings are well protected from paint splatters.


    3) Completion & Post Painting – Once the paint dries, we will put the furnishings back to their original positions. A project leader will inspect the completed work and ensure that it is to your satisfaction. You will then be issued a warranty for the job done.


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