Labour to Install Toilet Bowl

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    Labour to Install Toilet Bowl
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    SKU: PLB110(S)

    Product Description

    The major thing to do before installing a new toilet bowl for your Singapore home is removing the old one. The supply line must be disconnected and after that, you can lift the tank and the toilet bowl. Lift the tank straight or it may cause problem. Now the toilet pot and the tank must be unbolted from the toilet floor with the use of a screwdriver. Check if you can find any caulking around the base of the toilet bowl. After that, remove the bowl very gently by rocking it back and forth. Check the flange for any damage and replace any rusted bolts. If any damage is done to the flange it must be repaired. Now, you must place the new wax ring on the floor where you are going to place the bowl. Place the new bowl on the flange and check that the bolts are aligned properly in it. Place washer in each bolt and tighten it properly. Now place the tank onto the bowl. Now the tank must be properly installed with the bowl. Check the flush valve too and make sure that it is working properly. The last thing is choosing a seat for the toilet and you can do that depending on your choice. Check with our friendly service team +65 6745 0150 to set an appointment.


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