Clear Floor Trap Choke

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    Clear Floor Trap Choke
    SKU: PLB113

    Product Description

    While removing a floor trap choke the first thing to keep in mind is the necessary tools must be within the reach of your hands while doing the job. A drain cleaner solution and a wire clothes hanger are needed along with a pair of rubber gloves as it is a kind of messy job. First, you can try by snaking the drain. Wire clothes hanger can be used for this process. Remove the drain cover and most of the times you will see the reason of choking just under the cover. Now use the wire clothes hanger and pull the clog out. If you can’t find the clog put the wire clothes hanger as deep as you can with your hand and try to find it. Every now and then pull it out and you can pull the clog at some time. If you are still unsuccessful, you can try the other way of using the drain cleaner solution. These are made of chemicals so most of the time it works to perfection. Use them as the by following the instructions very carefully. If after all your hard work you are not able to put the clog out of your floor trap. Now is the time to call a good plumber service.

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