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Blog - A guide to improving your home décor and storage upcycling wood pallets!

A guide to improving your home décor and storage upcycling wood pallets!
By Gerald Peck 2/27/2017 6:05 PM

Let us talk about improving the home décor with wood pallets where we shall discuss some interesting ideas on what to make some fabulous furnishing with the wooden boards. So, if you look forward to making attractive furnishings to add to your home décor, look out for wooden pieces and a tool box, and you are ready to go for it!

However, one should keep in mind while considering the wood pallets that the wood pallets shouldn’t be chemically dealt. Especially if you are building a think like a vegetable garden bed, ascertain that no hazardous or toxic materials have been used. Moreover, every project will expect you to deconstruct the pallet, lift the nails, sand down rough ends, washing the boards with basic soap water solution, etc. So here we go discussing the best DIY ideas with wooden pallets.


How to Prepare a Wooden Pallet


diy pallet


•Demolishing of the wood pallet

Use a hammer and a blade to separate the pallet board by board. Here, some pallets shall be damaged and some stay good. Make sure to use only the ones in good condition.

•Remove the nails

Hit the hammer placing the nails to the rear and flip the board. Next, pull the nails straight out using the other side of the hammer.


To make the rough surface a smooth one, sand out the wood thoroughly with a sander. Make sure you do not leave wide scratches though you can let go the slightly formed patches as they give a vintage touch.

•Clean the wood

Now take a tact fabric and eliminate all the dirt. It is imperative to make sure that the wood is perfectly cleansed so that the paint adheres to the plank instead of the dirt.


Put a coating on the wood using a chip brush and apply the stain with an old rag wipe. Seal it with a topcoat if you plan to use the pallet outdoors. Here you are ready with your wooden pallets!


How to make the most out of the wooden pallets


pallet table


•Build a table

You can use wooden pallets to create differently designed tables to add to your home décor. In order to construct the table, cut down the board into the size of the dimensions you want for your table. Place them on a flat surface and secure them from below using parallel 1” x 3” boards using hard and high wood screws. Look for a piping from the hardware store or simply use the wood cuttings to create diverse style legs. You can paint and stain the top if needed but make sure to seal it well while handling it outdoors.

•Wall storage items

There are different options for wall storage that you can build adding beauty to the walls of your home. Make a bookshelf by cutting and painting the wood properly fixing the pallet to the wall using screws and studs. Or make a kitchen cupboard to store the coffee mugs, tea towels or even the silverware. 


You can create racks for storage placing the wood in such a way that it forms small boxes and fit them with long and strong screws. 

It is interesting and worth contemplating wooden pallet craft as it has a lot of alternatives to add to the beauty of homes inside as well as outdoors. Get creative and make one for yourself today!