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Blog - Sell Your Home Faster with these 5 Quick Makeovers

Sell Your Home Faster with these 5 Quick Makeovers
By Gerald Peck 5/23/2016 1:59 PM

The saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” doesn’t pull much weight in real estate. In fact, if your home looks less than lovely on the outside, potential buyers are much less likely to take a peek inside. That’s why keeping it looking at its prime on the outside is essential when you’re looking to sell. When it comes to real estate, appearances are everything. Here are 5 quick fixes you can implement today to make your home more marketable for tomorrow.


1. Freshen up your front door

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Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, your front door is the first point at which buyers will enter. It’s important that your door reflects confidence in your home and invites people to come in. Go take a look at your door. What colour is it? If it’s white, it might be scuffed up. If it’s black, it might be chipping. Find a new complimentary colour, perhaps something with a bright pop like yellow or red to paint your door. If you’re not feeling so bold, at the very least you should give it a fresh coat of paint.

2. Jazz up your hardware and lighting fixtures

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It’s the little things that add that special touch. Things that you probably don’t notice anymore but that potential buyers will spot from a distance away. An easy fix that most people neglect are the house numbers. Are yours clunky or bland? Replace them with something more eye-catching. And while you’re at it, change out your doorknob and door knocker and all lighting fixtures. If your fixtures are fairly new and modern, you can polish them to a shine. As for lighting, be sure to clean off any dead bugs and caked-on dirt. 

3. Light up your life

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Most of the people looking to buy your home will come visit during the day, but many potential buyers will take a drive by the homes they are interested in at night to see what the neighbourhood is like after dark. One way to make your home stand out in the most beautiful of ways is to add accent lighting along your front walkway and balcony areas. It gives off a vibe of class, plus it typically increases your home’s resale value which is another bonus.


4. Go green 

Adding some green to your entryway makes your home feel alive and loved. Find plants that are easy to care for and look attractive grouped together. You can get a lot of inspiration from gardening magazines or simply go to your local gardening store and ask them what they’d recommend to make things a little greener. 


5. Power clean

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Right before you put your house on the market, you should completely clean the exterior. Power wash dirt off the walls and roof tiles as well as your driveway and sidewalk. Windows should be sparkling and fresh. Landscaping should be tidied up too. The end result should be a home that takes a prospective buyer’s breath away. Just make sure that once you’re done, the inside looks just as perfectly staged.