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Blog - Guide to finding RELIABLE & REPUTED Electrician and their prices in Singapore

Guide to finding RELIABLE & REPUTED Electrician and their prices in Singapore
By ISOHomeCare 12/12/2017 5:56 PM

When it comes to the safety of your home as well as offices in Singapore, opting the dedicated services of an electrical contractor can be of utmost importance. An array of benefits comes handy when we talk about finding a reliable and reputed electrician, first of all, he will not overcharge you for his services. Secondly, as a customer, you can be assured of great end-service. Treating electrical problems requires an immense level of expertise as electrical problems are the root cause of mass building fires and more. So, it is always advisable to go after hiring a robust, certified and well-trained electrician.

In this article, we’ll talk about what must be done to make sure that electrician you’re hiring in Singapore is fit for the job as well as overall viability:

1. Fully-licensed for Commerical and Residential:

When it comes to handling and repairing work related to electricity, licensed electricians are required for large commerical services that require large voltage. An array of electricians are even required to to be well trained for the purpose of designing and installing electrical appliances. Here in SIngapore, large electrical jobs are to be handle by Licensed worker certified by EMA.

2. Reviews:

Looking forward to hiring an electrician? Don’t forget to check his reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings, both can be obtained from the internet. You might ask your friends as well as the colleagues, they might give you a name with a positive review and work satisfaction factor. One can also check ratings from several online job list portals available. You can always ask an electrician about their prior experience as well as what is their area of expertise. Friends are the most reliable source of info when it comes to making sure that a contractor is fit for the job. Know about the expectations and post-job results from your neighbors.

3. Talk to other clients:

Never get afraid to ask an electrician about the whereabouts of his previous clients, in other words, you must try to talk to other clients who had hired the same contractor you are about to assign a job. Well, it may sound bit insecure, but the method can ensure a full-viability of your safe electrical work endeavors. You can ask them about the quality of work, the time taken, cost as well as other minor amenities. The whole purpose here is to make sure that the contractor we’re choosing can deliver a solid, secure and state of the art job and that too in defined time as well as budget.

4. Schedule & Deadline:

Deadlines are important, just like in your offices. Your electrical work must also carry a deadline when you are about to hire an electrician to make sure that you both prepare a job schedule. This is to make sure that work gets completed on time and that too 100%. There might be a case that the project is not just fully about the electrical work. Hence, you need a flexible electrical contractor who can provide daily hourly services on variable time slots. So, when you are hiring a dedicated electrical contractor in Singapore, make sure to ask him for flexible service and support, if required.

5. Estimate and Billing:

As a potential customer, you must take your time to evaluate and scrutinize the job estimate provided to you by the electrical contractor you are about to hire. The estimate must reflect true costs and amenities, overall, it should be transparent in nature. This helps you to calculate your budget in accordance with the respective estimate. If you pop up with queries, it is a good sign. Ask any sort of doubt from the contractor for the purpose of a transparent payment process. Make sure the apparatus and elements included in the estimate are of good quality. Plus, look out for any hidden charges as well. If you’re still unsure because of anything, don’t hire the contractor and if you believe that the contractor is honest, do hire relentlessly.

6. Contracts:

Let us say that you’re satisfied with the job estimate, it is also advisable to get a written contract from the electrician. Check the proof of insurances and check validation dates as well. Getting a valid contract from an electrician can be your best pick to stay away from the frauds. Payment should be only made upon the absolute job completion. Hence, you can ask the electrical contractor regarding the same to put a clause in the contract. Also, ask the contractor to include insurance and job deadline details in the contract, if they don’t abide by the stated parameters, you’re not under any obligation to pay.

7. Pre and Post job policies:

Asking an electrical contractor about their policies regarding entering as well as leaving the job site is an advisable option. When it comes to post-job policies, ask them whether they’ll be carrying the remaining raw material with them or whether they will clean the site after fitting the appliances. You can also ask them for their service policies after the completion of the job. Some electrical contractors also provide time to time service offers, you can consider opting them.

There, for the purpose of demystifying the hiring process of electrical contractors as well as evaluating the qualifications, the above-mentioned points plays a great role. Determining the best professional for your project is crucial, one must try to scrutinize every element involved. It doesn't matter how small is the job, getting it fixed by a professional is the only pick. Electrical jobs are risky, people generally tend to hire a Singapore electrician when it’s too late. One must not try their hands on the work, rather get the best man for the job.

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