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Blog - Reduce Your Electrical Bills in Singapore with these Brilliant Tips

Reduce Your Electrical Bills in Singapore with these Brilliant Tips
By Gerald Peck 1/10/2017 12:16 PM

In Singapore, 15% of the energy consumption from the entire country can be attributed to household use. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to save energy at home. Not only will it help reduce overall consumption and help the environment but it will also help you save money. Here are some helpful energy-saving tips that will reduce your energy bills.


1. Air Conditioning

When you run your air conditioning unit, make sure you keep your doors and windows closed. Close your curtains for better efficiency. This will help you use less energy to cool your rooms. If possible, set the thermostat to 25C. Anything lower adds up in costs on your bill. Additionally, clean your air filters each month to keep the unit from working too hard. If it’s not necessary to run the air conditioning, try using your fans instead.


2. Computers

Believe it or not, screen savers don’t save you energy. They were great for the old monitors to keep them from becoming damaged, but they offer no saving of any kind on today’s computers. Turn off your computer, put it in sleep mode or let it hibernate to reduce your energy consumption.


3. Wall Sockets

Appliances and electronic devices can continue to use energy even if they aren’t turned on. If you want to save more money, switch off your appliances at the wall socket.


4. Washing Machine

It’s not more efficient to under load your washing machine. You’re better off washing one large load on a higher setting than washing two smaller loads. Almost all of the energy consumed by your washing machine is due to heating the water, so unless it’s completely necessary, use colder water. 


5.  Refrigerator

This appliance lands on the top 5 most energy-consuming appliance in your home. The bigger it is, the more energy it uses. If you have an older model, check it often to make sure the seal at the door is in good condition. If not, cool air will escape. Don’t overload your freezer either or you’ll prevent good circulation between the food. You should also defrost your freezer every once in a while to conserve energy.


6.  Stove

Make sure you use pans that are the same size as the burners you put them on. Using a smaller pan on a big burner wastes heat. 


By using these tips, you’ll help bring your energy costs down. And you can use the money you save to do something fun, like treat yourself to a night out or go on an amazing vacation!