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Blog - Singapore Painting Services Provider

Singapore Painting Services Provider
By Gerald Peck 1/27/2016 2:01 AM

Painting Services By ISOHomecare Singapore 

Every aspect of a construction job regardless if it is a new construction or a minor renovation of the house, definitely you will require handyman services. There comes a time after all the electrical work and plumbing work, you will have to deal with the demanding and tedious process of painitng the walls! Painting is the most import stage of the entire project because it is the finishing stage that will make or break the whole project. This is where ISOHomecare can perform the painting and finish needed for your project to be a success. 

Base Primer and Finishing

For new construction or internal modeling of your home, business, or office, ISOHomecare has extensive experience in the latest techniques when it comes to finishing and painting your project. In order to have a great looking finish the job starts at the base. By using the most up to date and modern equipment and techniques the very foundation of the primer will be finished correctly to insure that the paint will have the base needed to do to provide a top quality finish. Painting the final coats is much like an auto body professional preparing a cars surface for paint. It is important for every blemish and crack be taken care of before the paint is applied. If care is not taken on this step after the surface is painted every blemish will be seen. It is important to have this same foundation and base for the primer coat. 

Painting and Varnishing

As a general painting contractor in Singpoare, ISOHomecare will perform the detail-oriented work it takes to paint and varnish all the finished detailed work that some of the more elegant home require in the recent days. Our top quality workmanship that it requires to finish the detailed, complicated process of all the moldings, trims and cabinets has given our services the great reputation needed in their work area. They will complete the necessary prep work that is needed before moving on after painting. If there are any flows that can be identified in the sheetrock it will be fixed and prepped before the final coat of primer is installed. 

After the drywall has been prepped and finished it is time to move on to the moldings and windows. We will then spackle and sand any wooden areas such as moldings and windows. After the wooden surfaces are prepped it is time to apply one coat of primer and Two coats of quality topcoat paint. Remember taking the time to prep the surface is the trick to having a great quality finish at the end of the project. 

In addition to painting services we also offer staining and varnish services. ISOHomecare will insure that all surfaces are clean and free of dirt before any type of finish is applied. Not only cleaning the surfaces but making sure that grease, oil, old coatings are removed to ensure an even stain colour penetration for beautiful results. We also work with the wood services by preparing any cracks, gouges or nail holes that may be in the wood surfaces. After these surfaces are prepared they are then sanded until they are ready to receive the stain and varnish.

Once all of the steps have been taken to prepare the wood surfaces, ISOHomecare will apply the protective finishes that will also bring out the beauty of the wood. It is very important that a clear wood finish applied after the stain to help to preserve the finish. This finish will help protect the wood against water, household chemicals, food stains and normal wear. These stained and varnished surface will hold the color for many years to come. After a few years the clear finish can be lightly sanded and another coat applied to bring back the great looking feel. 

Customised Finishes

ISOHomecare is an experienced general painting contractors that have several different techniques that are used that on all painting finishes. These finishes include several types of “faux” finishes and customized finishes. Turning a client’s dream into a reality is what we strive to do. Our team of clients will work with the client to get an understanding as to what the client is looking for. After the client tells us the finish they desire we will know what technique is best to use.

The walls are then prepped for the priming process. After spackling, sanding and cleaning the area a smooth primer coat is applied. Depending on the selected finish any number of techniques will be used over a finish coat. One technique that is used will apply a finish clear coat over the finish to protect it. Whenever you are ready to give your home or office an interior or exterior you can be sure that ISOHomecare will provide the expert service need at a comparable price. By taking the homeowners dream and turning it into reality is what we are all about.

painting services in singapore

We took pride in every projects. Every detail from the budget and planning all the way to the final finish detail is included in the planning session with our client, we will try to match an existing finish or do our best to duplicate the finish you have always dreamed of. At ISOHomecare, we valued our clients the most. You can rest assure you will get the quality painting service in Singapore from ISOHomecare top to the bottom.

Let ISOHomeCare helps you out!  Speak to us if you have a difficult project.