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Blog - Painting Metal Gate or Grill of your homes in Singapore

Painting Metal Gate or Grill of your homes in Singapore
By Gerald Peck 1/13/2016 4:45 PM

Painting Metal Gate or Grill of your homes in Singapore

Metal gates and grills serve a great purpose when it comes to security. Not only are they essential for great security they will add a touch of elegance to any homes like HDB, Condominium and Landed properties in Singapore. There eventually come a time when they will need to be painted for various reasons.

Gates are known to have the paint scrapped off and wear off because of the usage the are exposed to over the years. But mother nature will have her way with the gates and grill and one the task of repainting them will come up. Painting metal in very much different from painting wood and other materials. A certain amount as well as steps will need to be taken when preparing anything metal to be painted. We will take a look at some of the required steps that is need when painting metal gates and grills.

  • Check the surface: The first step of just about any type of project is to see what is really involved in the task we are about to accomplish. Take a good look at the surface of the metal to determine if there is any loose paint or rust spots. All of the loose paint will need to be removed. This can be accomplished by using a wire brush and buffing loose the paint. You may need to use a grinder to remove the rust because a wire brush will not be adequate enough to remove the rust. If necessary, you may have to clean the metal all the way down until some of the paint is completely gone. If not, you will be applying paint to the rust.
  • Clean the surface of the gate or grill: After you have removed all the rust and loose paint that you need to remove it is time to thoroughly clean the entire metal surface. In some cases, it is good to rub the metal down with rubbing alcohol to prepare the new surface to receive the primer and paint. Be sure the metal is completely dry before you move on to the next step.
  • Apply the primer: This is a very important step. A priming coat helps to prepare the metal surface to receive the coat of paint. Not only does it prepare the surface it will also act as a filler and fill in the tiny imperfections that are in the metal so you can apply a good even coat of paint. Make sure that you use and oil base primer.
  • Apply the paint: For metal surfaces it is usually a good choice to use an acrylic paint. Oil base or latex paint will do. It is better to apply the paint in more than one coat. Several lighter coats will give you a better finish than one heavy coat. You can choose between a glossy finish or a satin finish. Depending on the décor you are using one type looks better than the other.

This project can be done by an advanced DIY person. If you feel that you cannot get this done contact your local paint contractor for assistance.

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