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Blog - What You Need to Know About Electrical Works in HDB Flats

What You Need to Know About Electrical Works in HDB Flats
By Gerald Peck 5/18/2016 1:12 PM

If you live in an HDB flat and are considering installing a second air conditioner compressor or perhaps some other major home appliance, you should double check to be sure if it can be installed in HDB. There’s nothing worse than buying a new appliance only to find it runs on a higher ampere and thus will not work in your HDB flat. 


According to the housing regulations in Singapore, if an HDB apartment block was completed on or after the beginning of January 1994 or was upgraded by this date, it has been given a higher electrical loading capacity of 40 amps. Therefore, permits are not required for the installation of air conditioning units or other large household appliances.


If you’re not sure whether your block has a higher capacity for electrical loading or not, you can find out by contacting the HDB branch office nearest you. Calls are recommended as the website is unfortunately quite often out of date. You can use the toll-free number: 1800-2255432. 


When you’re seeking to have this kind of work done, you’ll likely be working with a electrical contractor who has extensive experience in this area. Your contractor will work to take care of many things including obtaining approval from EMA and SP Services Ltd (SPSL) for electrical extensions or changes that might need to be made and submitting Form CS/5H for the testing of the new wiring.


When working on an HDB flat, regulations insist that all wire installation work be done by an EMA licensed electrician. Furthermore, certain restrictions apply when it comes to embedding wiring. Your electrician should be fully aware of what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to your wiring.


Additionally, electrical wirings have a life span of nearly 25 years. That’s why the regulations specify that owners of HDB flats should replace the electrical wiring within their units after a duration of 25 years or if the wiring seems to be weathered. Your electrician can help you determine whether or not you’ll need to replace it.


If you’re trying to decide whether or not to consult an electrician regarding your wiring on your HDB flat, you’re probably more than a little aware that it is rather costly to rewire. But consider this: if the wiring is older and you plan to live there a while, it’s worth the investment to ensure your risk for an electrical fire is minimized. 


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