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Blog - How to keep a room cool in Singapore

How to keep a room cool in Singapore
By ISOHomeCare 3/20/2018 6:18 PM

It’s summer and it’s hot. It’s a soaring 31 degrees celsius.

You are thinking of numerous ways to escape this heat and that is something we ponder about, every time we get an enquiry to fit an air conditioning unit in Singapore. So based on our research, these are the following solutions we have come up with.


Installing Window Tints / Blinds

Window tints have long been popular in Singapore and they are a must in the current environment. If you are lucky, you might not get the direct rays of the sharp sun through your windows. If you do, you’ll need to fix the problem, otherwise you’ll get slowly cooked in your own house.

Window tints are great reflectors, which block the sun’s sharp rays and also cuts the heat considerably. A window tint comes in mainly two types. A blind and a film.

A blind comes in various materials such as Bamboo, Timber and Venetian It’s a sheet that rolls and unrolls. A film is generally a plastic based reflector that lets you see outside, but the outsiders cannot see you.

You can install either depending on your style preference and how much privacy you want. Both the film and the blind gives you solid privacy, but with the blind, you cannot see outside.

It can be an annoying process to install the film or the blind, because the measurements have to be taken accurately and the hole should be drilled in the right place to install it in a correct manner.

You can hire our installation experts to fix the blinds in your house to keep you cool in the hot summer.

 Coating your terrace with reflective paints

If you are at the top floor and right above you is the terrace, then you are in for some serious heat. When the sun beats down on your terrace consistently from 12PM to 6PM in the evening, then it’s sure to heat up your home because the heat seeps through the concrete.

A solution is to fit an air conditioner, but what if you can’t install an air conditioner in your entire house?

A simple fix is using reflective coating on the terrace. The Sun has some sharp rays, but they also can be deflected using heat reflective coating. This can be spread evenly out across the entire terrace and protects your entire home from the harsh sun’s rays. This is a cheap and effective solution to the problem.

The best part about this coating is, it will last at least for two years if applied correctly. It’s best to hire a professional to do a thorough job of painting your roof.

ISO Home Care have professionals with 15 years of experience in painting walls, roofs and houses.


Installing an Air Conditioning System

The final and most obvious solution is the air conditioner. Nothing can replace the cooling effects of an air conditioner.

Air conditioners come in various types and you can choose the type that best fits your needs.

Window Aircon

The window aircon is the oldest form of an AC unit, but it’s still prevalent in some parts of Singapore. A window aircon needs to be installed strategically so as to not let gaps form. These gaps can affect the quality of the air. We have professionals with over 15 years of experience, who can handle window aircons.

Split Aircon

One of the most popular aircon unit is the split AC. Technicians need to be careful while installing a split AC because of the piping that goes through from the inside unit to the outside unit. ISO Home Care professionals are well trained at handling the units, the piping, the refrigerant etc.

Cassette Aircon

The cassette air-conditioner as it’s called because of its design, is a ceiling aircon unit that helps save space. It’s also one of the hardest aircon units to install because it hangs from the ceiling, unlike a split AC, which hangs on a wall. To install a unit like this, the foundation should be strong and the experts should be technically sound and should possess the right tools to install it correctly.

The cassette aircon is also a two way unit and expertise is needed to install even the outside unit.

Installing an air conditioning system doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is hire a professional.