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Blog - The Need of Exercising Electrical Safety in Singapore

The Need of Exercising Electrical Safety in Singapore
By Gerald Peck 9/30/2016 12:25 AM

Electricity is what powers everything in our lives. In fact, most of us would be hard-pressed to try to function without it. We plug in our chargers and turn on the air conditioning most days without ever thinking about how electricity works, or how to be safe when it comes to using electricity. You can practice electrical safety by following these simple steps.


1. Check your RCCB at regular intervals

rccb singapore

The Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is the safety device connected to all homes and commercial buildings that helps stop electric shocks from happening by immediately cutting off the power supply when it detects leakage coming from an electrical circuit. Make sure you have a working RCCB installed on your property and be sure to inspect it once a month to make sure it’s operating properly. To do this, press the test button. If there is a problem, call in a licensed electrical worker


2. Hire licensed electrical professionals for Big electrical project

electrician singapore

Should you need any electrical work completed from installations to maintenance to repairs, make sure to only hire licensed electrical workers. You should check to see if the person you plan to hire is an EMA-licensed professional first. Check their credentials online here, or call 6835 8075.


3. Keep water away from electricity

keep water

Don’t use any electrical appliances with wet hands or near water. Be careful not to touch open electrical outlets or switches with wet hands too. Water conducts electricity quite well and it could lead to serious injury and possibly death from electrical shock.


4. Don’t overload your outlets

overload power plug

If you overload the circuits, you’ll increase your risk for overheating and the potential for a fire. Make sure the plugs you’re using aren’t cracked or broken. If you have damaged outlets, contact a licensed electrical professional immediately.


5. Check out your earth wire

earth wire

If you have an unearthed plug, it poses a serious danger for electric shock should there be a short circuit with one of your appliances. Be safe with electrical cords by replacing broken or frayed cords, avoiding running wires along sharp edges, and store your electrical cords securely. By doing this, you’ll be keeping safe from electrical dangers. 


Do you have any electrical concerns in your home? ISOHomeCare can help you find a licensed electrical professional to help you sort out your electrical issues today!