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Blog - Buyer Beware! Don’t Buy Your Singapore Apartment Until You Read This!

Buyer Beware! Don’t Buy Your Singapore Apartment Until You Read This!
By Gerald Peck 2/13/2017 5:52 PM

Finding an apartment to purchase in Singapore is a time-consuming process that requires hours of research and tours. Real estate agents are always putting on a happy face, eager to make their commission too. Tempting as it is to snatch up the first decent property you come across, here are some things you should be very aware of before you make a down payment or sign any papers. 


1. Poorly maintained condition

You can put lipstick on a pig all you like, but it will still be a pig. The same goes for apartments. Take a good look around. If you spot mold, pests like rats or bugs, or the apartment is in a general state of shabbiness, keep looking. It will only cost you more to get it up to proper living standards. 


2. Sketchy seller

It’s tempting when the seller of the home seems to want to make things easy for you to buy, like lowering the price to an astonishingly cheap amount or forgoing credit checks. But these are huge red flags that something else is going on. Don’t be afraid to dig in and find out why.


3. Wall stains

Buying an apartment with water damage is a huge and costly mistake. Avoid making that mistake by thoroughly inspecting any apartment you’re serious about buying for stains on the walls. They are tell-tale signs of water damage lurking behind the scenes. 


4. Blocked off areas

When you’re buying a property, no area of the property you plan to possess should ever be unavailable for your viewing. If a door is locked, you are within your rights to ask to have it opened so you can view it. If you are refused this request, leave. Any real estate agent that is serious about selling a property is going to show you every room. Areas that are hidden mean that there’s something wrong with the property. 


5. Painting cover-ups

Staging a home for sale is very important and real estate agents will urge the sellers to clean up, paint and make sure the home looks its best. However, if you come across a place where just one was is painted, check and see if something is wrong with the wall. While it could be an accent wall, there will be other signs pointing to something being amiss. 


6. Never-ending projects

Apartments that are undergoing major renovations should be avoided at all costs. There’s a better than good chance the renovations will take longer than promised and it will only cause you headaches.


7. Go with your gut

If the seller of the apartment is never available or you get a weird vibe when you walk into the place, follow your instincts. No one wants to come home to an apartment that has a creepy feeling to it. 


While it’s tempting to hurry into a new apartment so you can end the stress of the buying process, taking more time is better in the long run to ensure you find a proper place to call home.