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Blog - Anti Slip Solutions in Singapore

Anti Slip Solutions in Singapore
By ISOHomeCare 2/6/2018 10:50 AM

Slip or Falls are actually very dangerous. The most number of Non-Vehicular deaths in the world are actually caused by Slip and Falls. These falls can severely injure especially old people. Some injuries are costly and some cannot be cured. By taking various measures these slips or falls can be prevented.
There can be a lot of reasons for the slippery floors and to know the reason no rocket science is needed. Some of the reasons for slippery floor are grease or other slippery chemicals, bacteria, or cleaning methods which are not proper. The easy way to do is put a proper coating on the floor to make it slipping proof.

Anti Slip Treatment: One of the processes used for it is the acid etching technique which makes the surface rough by changing the structure of tiles. The resistance depends on a lot of things in this process like the tile structure, the acid strength, and the amount of time the acid is applied to the tile. In tile industry, this process is regarded as the most efficient process in anti-slip therapy. But still, some companies claim that it is not that effective and it must be tested properly after use as the process is claimed to be unconvincing and inconsistent by some companies. There are different test methods American test methods and Australian slip resistance standards.

Other than the normal acid etching treatment there are some other treatments too like –
    •    Paint or epoxy coating with grit
    •    Abrasive tapes application
    •    Grind or shot blast the surface to make the texture rough

After using these techniques, still a lot of accidents happen and for that you need to concentrate on the floor coating or paint.

Anti-slip Floor Paint Coating: There are a lot of processes used to make the floor non slippery using paint coating. They are mentioned below-
    •    Clear Slip Resistant: This process is used widely. The coating has many features which are unique. There is no effect of chemicals, oil spills, scuffmarks, and rubber burns on this coating. The chemicals which have no effect on the coating include oil, alcohol, grease, cleaners, mild solvents, alkalis, and weak acids. This can be used on marble, granite or wooden floors.

    •    Epo Tuff Epoxy: Another tough coat which is very effective in industrial environments. The formulae of the coating is made only to reduce the slip injury problems. They can be applied directly on old paint and also the parts full of rust. This is used majorly in warehouses, factories, tow-motor traffic, and parking garages.

    •    Colour Slip with Integrated Traction: This coating can be used in surfaces like concrete, wood, granite, steel, and marble. It is resistant to acids, gasoline, grease, alcohol, hydraulic oils, and most of other oils.

    •    UV Anti Slip Coating: There are special addictives in the coating which helps it to be resistant to most of the things. This is a non-chlorinated rubber resin coating which can be applied to wood, concrete, and surfaces made of steel. This coating is resistant to abrasion, weathering, and some mild chemicals. Usually, you can see the use of this coating in steps, around pools, sidewalks, ramps, etc.

Here at ISOHomeCare, we do have our in house products - MMA Anit Slip Decorative flooring, in making sure safety is the top most priority. Please see our anti slip solution method to keep your family safe at all times here.