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Blog - Trendy white for home painting

Trendy white for home painting
By Gerald Peck 6/27/2016 10:57 AM

Experts Agree White is On-Trend Colour in Home Painting  


White sounds like such a boring colour. And well, to be honest, it is. But thanks to the vibrant colours and patterns of the most must-have interior designs, more and more homeowners are opting to white-wash those walls to keep them from clashing with the real stars of the show…the furniture and furnishings. 


Once upon a time, these things were dictated by the magazines. But now what we’re seeing is the internet as a huge driving force in these trends. When something becomes popular, it seems everyone is ordering it, driving up sales and demand. Because of the huge demand for colourful and unique mixes of items, the preferred wall colour keeps going back to basic tried-and-true white. 


The increasing popularity of Bohemian style, a fusion of natural textures with pops of patterns, is also creating more white walls for us all. No one wants a room that’s too busy, creating chaos for the eyes. With all our charming homey details added in, white walls simply make more sense. 


Some might say it’s laziness but white walls mean that there’s no more agonising over perfectly-painted trim. It used to be that white woodwork was paired with dark wall colours. Now that’s phasing out in favour of expanding the room. Painting your trim and walls white makes your rooms look larger and more regal. Plus it is remarkably easier to match up. 


However, just because white is the “IT” colour du jour for living rooms the world over, that doesn’t mean it is right for your living room. Consider the following before you go for a white wash:

1. Furniture and accessories

If you’re redecorating your living room and you’re thinking of a bolder colour for your sofa, say green or even red, a patterned rug and bright drapes, white walls will help bring order to these choices. Too much colour in your furnishings and on the walls can lead to sensory overload. But if your furnishings are neutral, keeping colourful walls will work best.


2. White trim issues

If your room features white trimmings that are intricate and difficult to paint, you can safely steer away from coloured walls and match the trim to white. An all white room will be perfect in this instance.

 White trimmed doors

3. Trend follower

If you’ve been loving that bright look of white walls popping up behind every design you’ve found online, then definitely consider it. But do so with caution. Often, these rooms are lit and photographed by a professional to make it look its best. If you have a living room space that fills up with natural light, white-painted walls will be complementary. But if your living room doesn’t get very much natural light and is a bit darker, it will be better to consider a more neutral tone instead. 


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