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Blog - Top 5 Ways to Save Electricity in Singapore

Top 5 Ways to Save Electricity in Singapore
By Gerald Peck 4/2/2017 6:19 PM

The modern technology driven world depends highly on electricty to operate. Without electricity/energy, none of our modern day appliances will be able to operate. We use the energy in the form of electricity and it has become an essential part of our lives. Producing electricity in Singapore is a costly process since there are so many steps involved in producing electricity.

That is why; the cost of electricity that we have to bear is relatively very high. We have been hearing from our government they are increasing such cost in days to come. Singapore Power just announced they will be increasing $6.01 or 5.04% per month on average in Singapore.  

So it has always been the constant urge of everyone to minimise the electricity as far as possible. But how can you do it effectively? How will you manage to curtail your energy usage? Well, there are many ways to achieve that goal and we are about to enlighten you on that.


•Never use the standby mode for your appliances:

When you are not working on certain home appliance then it is better to switch it off rather than leaving it in the standby mode. Why do we suggest you do so? Because even if you leave your appliance on standby; it will continue to use the electricity which will eventually play a pivotal role in increasing your electricity bill.

So it is always best to switch off your appliances when you are not using them; it will circumcise your electricity consumption significantly.

•Always use the Timers:

We often fall asleep while turning our air conditioners on and it goes on hogging electricity which in turn gifts you with a huge electricity bill. So if you are truly serious about saving energy then using a timer is the wisest move that you can make. The timers make saving energy very easy as you can set the timer for a specific time after which it will turn your appliance off automatically without letting it go to the standby mode.

•Buy your appliances wisely:

The old appliances that you are using now run on old technologies and they do not optimise the electricity usage which increases your electricity consumption. Hence, when you are going to buy new appliances you must be smart enough to check the energy star ratings and make sure that the new appliance makes the efficient use of modern technology to make optimised use of electricity. In that way, you will not only be able to prevent a lot of energy getting wasted but you will also be to curtail your electricity bills.

•Install home automation to go green:

The modern technology has made incredible advancements and the home automation technology is getting developed significantly. The home automation technology will help you in decreasing the carbon footprints. It will not only help you to conserve electricity but it will also prevent the environmental pollution by downsizing the carbon emissions.

•Be smart:

Being smart is the best way to save electricity. Use your appliances wisely and use them only when they are actually required to manage your electricity usage.


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It is all about how you use your home appliances and to rectify electrical issues int he quickest time. If you can really control your home appliances by being smart then you will never have to pay lump sum electricity bills. If ever you need electrical contractors to come in to aid in electrical issues, call ISOHomeCare at +65 67450150 and we can better advise on how we can solve your electrical problems promptly.

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