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Blog - Save Time and Money with these Smart Moving Tips!

Save Time and Money with these Smart Moving Tips!
By Gerald Peck 10/17/2016 10:27 PM

Moving to a new place is an exciting yet stressful time. It’s a lot of work but ultimately, the end result is worth it once you’re nice and cozy in your new place. Keeping organised and planning well is the key to avoiding wasting time and money on things that you shouldn’t. Here are 5 fantastic tips to help get you on the move!


1. Clean house

Before you begin the cumbersome chore of packing up your things, take the time to really go through everything and eliminate things you no longer need, want or use. Things that are ripped or broken to a state of no repair can simply be thrown away, but anything that’s in decent condition like clothing the kids outgrew, books that no one reads, toys and the like can all be donated to charity. Check with local shelters and religious facilities in your area to see if they could use your donated items to help someone in need.


2. Measure everything twice

Handymen will tell you that they measure everything twice and cut once. It’s to ensure they have the right dimensions. So measure all your furniture that you will be bringing or any new furniture you will be buying and compare it with the measurements of the rooms in your new place to make sure you have a proper fit. Nothing is worse than getting a heavy sofa into your living room only to discover it is too large for the space.


3. Make use of coloured tape 

Sure, you could use a permanent marker to scrawl what room each box belongs to. Or you can save more time by simply coding your boxes with coloured tape. Assign each room a colour and then tape up all boxes for that room in the colour that you have designated. It makes it so much easier to unpack once you get there.


4. Keep wires neat and tidy 

Have you ever opened a box of electronics and discovered a tangle of cords? Don’t waste time unwinding and detangling. You can easily keep wires and cables neatly organised by using an old toilet paper or paper towel roll to tuck it into. Plus, you can label the roll so you know which cable is which. Brilliant!


5. Prevent liquids from spilling 

One annoying aspect of moving is when you need to take along open bottles of liquid. It never fails that at least one of them will tip over and leak, causing a mess. To keep this from happening, get some clear plastic wrap and cut a small square of it out. Place that square over the opening of the bottle and then screw the cap on tight. This will help keep the liquid inside where it belongs.


Try these tips out on your next move and see how much time, money and sanity you save!