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Blog - How to Get Rid of Singapore Cockroaches Infestation

How to Get Rid of Singapore Cockroaches Infestation
By Gerald Peck 11/21/2016 4:07 PM

There are few people out there that like cockroaches. Those few people are entomologists. For the rest of us, we scream in terror when one of those blasted things zips across our kitchen floor or taunts us from the bathroom wall while we’re trapped in the shower, far from where we keep the can of bug spray. 


But there’s good news. You can kill off those nasty buggers without ever having to have a face-off with them again. Here’s how to make it happen! 


1. Baking soda and sugar

A little chemistry know-how and you’ll be saying “Sayonara” to cockroaches in a jiffy. Just mix 1 part baking soda with 1 part sugar and put this mixture near where you’ve seen the most cockroaches. What happens is the baking soda will make the cockroach gas up because its’ stomach is very acidic. The carbonate in baking soda reacts with the acid to create carbon dioxide. The short version of the story is you won’t be seeing them around your home any longer.


2. Silica gel

There’s another great use for those little packets of silica gel that you’ll find in boxes of new shoes, vitamins, and all sorts of products. Start stashing those for later use. You can do so much with them like dry out your iPhone when it drops into the toilet or even better, you can use it to dehydrate cockroaches to death. Simply put the silica gel near where you’ve seen the cockroaches, perhaps under your sinks or near the garbage. Because silica gel is a desiccant, it will cause the roach to dehydrate to death. 


3. Bay leaves and pandan leaves

Most people like the smell of bay leaves. They have a very pleasant fragrance to them. But to roaches, it disgusts them. In fact, if you sprinkle ground bay leaf powder around where the roaches nest, they will leave! Pandan leaves will also work. Just bundle a few of them together and place them in your cabinets to keep them free of roaches. 


4. Spice mixture

Another way to repel roaches is to mix garlic cloves, cayenne powder, and onion paste with water. Allow it to soak together for an hour. Then add liquid dish soap and mix it all up. Once mixed, you can apply it to where you have seen cockroaches which should drive them out of your home. 


5. Petroleum jelly

Vaseline has so many uses and here’s one more you can use it for! Grab a wide-mouthed bottle and add some petroleum jelly to the inside. Then drop in some fruit peels to lure the roaches to their doom. Put this trap in your kitchen or bathroom. The petroleum jelly will keep those buggers trapped until they succumb to death.


Now that you know how to get rid of roaches, go forth and drive them out of your home before you encounter one late at night in the bathroom!