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Blog - How to Repaint Walls that are Already Painted

How to Repaint Walls that are Already Painted
By Gerald Peck 9/22/2016 10:50 PM

If you’re looking to change up the colour on your walls or move to a different home with a wall colour you want to be rid of, you can paint over that old colour using a few simple tricks. Here’s how to make the repainting process as easy as possible.


- If you’ll be using a new paint that is close to the current colour of the wall, then you typically do not need to put primer on the existing paint job.


- Wash all walls you’ll be repainting to take off any grease and grime.


- If there are any holes or cracks, use a filler. A flexible type of filler is best for cracks.


- Sand, buff and prime any areas that you fill in. Using primer on these areas will seal in the filler and hold it in place. If this is the case, avoid a patchy look by sanding and repriming the entire wall. If you want it look professional, you can use a drywall pole sander and give the whole wall a quick once-over using a 200-250 grit paper prior to priming and before you add the last colour coat. Of course, you should not forget to wipe the wall down with a damp rag before applying primer or paint. 


- Use at least 2 coats of your new colour to repaint the wall. If you’re using a lighter colour over a darker one, you will probably need more than 2 coats to keep the old colour from coming through. The best way around this is to use a primer or even a basic white matte for the first and second coat. 


- Paint during the light of day, particularly when applying the last coat so that it is easy to see where you have painted.


- Additionally, you can mix some of your new paint with your primer to tint the primer. This works best when the difference in colours from old to new is very drastic. 


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