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Blog - Never Do These 5 Things when You have Clogged Pipes at your Singapore Home

Never Do These 5 Things when You have Clogged Pipes at your Singapore Home
By Gerald Peck 3/29/2017 6:38 PM

Discovering a clogged pipe is never fun. You may reach for chemicals or try your hand at being a plumber for the day, but before you attempt anything, you better read on for the things you should never ever do when you discover a clogged pipe.

The great list of pipe cleaning don’t’s:

1. Using chemical solutions
Don’t be fooled by chemicals that claim they won’t damage your pipes. Beyond damaging the pipes in your home, the chemicals are harmful to you as well. Plus, chemicals pollute the environment. Beyond that, if you mix chemical solutions, you run the risk of creating toxic fumes. If you were to use the chemicals best to identify it lead to waste source and this is a concrete choke.

2. Flushing it
You’re only wasting water if you try to flush out a clog. Plus, if the clog is large and you use high water pressure, you can wind up bursting the pipe. You also run the risk of having the water back up and spray you and your kitchen or bathroom all over. For small clogs, you can try flushing it away with a small spray, but anything bigger could end in disaster.

3. Using a plumbing snake
All plumbing snakes were not created equal. There are different kinds, and using the wrong one to unclog a pipe can cause damage to your sinks, tubs, and pipes below. If you have older pipes, you run the risk of making the clog worse too.

4. Fashioning plumbing tools of your own
You may think of yourself as the next MacGyver, but when it comes to plumbing tools, you can make the situation so much worse with crude implements. Again, this is one thing that will be made much worse by your interference.

5. Pouring vinegar into the drain
On the internet, there’s lot of advice about mixing vinegar with hot water to fix a clogged drain. It can be helpful if your clog is minor, however vinegar causes pipes to rust. Make sure your pipes are acid resistant. 


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Before you try your hand at remedying your plumbing problems, try to evaluate the situation. Remember that if you attempt any plumbing repairs yourself, you could cause the damage to be even worse. As a homeowner, protecting your investment is crucial.

Call a professional Singapore plumber to help you take care of your pipes before they become damaged and need replacing which is even more costly.

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