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Blog - Making your Singapore Home Neat and Tidy with this home hack

Making your Singapore Home Neat and Tidy with this home hack
By Gerald 1/24/2017 9:43 AM

Maintaining a household can be quite a challenge. There are so many things to worry about and a small mistake here and there can mean a catastrophe. There are smart ways to do things that help you keep things organized, clean and make the house more efficient.


Let’s dive into a few a home hacks.


•#Organized Chords


We all have a bunch of Chords sticking out of an outlet and we have no way to know which is what. The lamp, the computer, the printer? Especially when you have the plug point, behind a desk and it’s not easily accessible, it’s better to put them together



Step 1 : Take a long cut of a  Washi Tape and write the name of the appliance with a Sharpie

Step 2 : Put the tape in such a way that the Text faces towards you. We have to thank our friends at the Budget decorator for this.

•# The Legend of Command Hooks


Command hooks are generally used to hang clothes and other simple things. But their use case is wide and varied. From Thekrazycouponlady we have the following strategies to use command hooks.


•Hiding Chords


You can use command hooks to organize your chords neatly. You can strategically place them so that the chords go through the hooks in a straight and clean manner.

•Keeping the Garbage Cover intact


One of my favorite command hooks hack is to actually use it as a garbage cover holder. This keeps the cover intact and tight and the cover doesn’t close up. Generally when the cover closes up, the garbage goes straight into the bin and that means you’ll have to clean the bin every day.

•Using it for rolls of any kind


We use a lot of rolls in our house to pack food, to wrap things up and so on. When they are hanging on the wall with command hooks, it’s easier to take the amount you want and they take lesser space inside the kitchen cabinets. For a DIY specialist, it’s all about using free space.

•Using hooks to hold baskets


Hooks can be used to hold baskets of your choice. A basket inside the kitchen which holds all the cleaning material. A basket inside the bathroom which holds all the shampoos and lotions. A basket inside a teenager’s room which holds all important stuff like keys, wallets among other important things. Generally in a teenager’s room things get lost quite a bit when you need them the most.

•Car journeys and Garbage.


On long car journeys, a lot of bottles and garbage are collected along the way and because you can’t throw them out of the window, it’s a good idea to use a hook and put a cover on top where all the garbage can be stored. This way it won’t look like you’ve lived in the car.

These are some of our Home Hack Ideas. We do the curation for you so you don’t have to!