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Blog - Lazada Makes it Possible for Singaporeans Shop Taobao in English

Lazada Makes it Possible for Singaporeans Shop Taobao in English
By Gerald Peck 4/27/2017 2:22 PM

If shopping is your pleasure, get ready to shop ‘til you drop. Now you can buy from the largest ecommerce site in the world – Taobao. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an online Chinese supermall that will now and forevermore be available to Singaporeans in English. That means it’s going to be that much easier to fuel your shopping addiction now that you don’t have to struggle with practicing your Mandarin. 


With over 400,000 more products available to Singaporeans now, Lazada and the owners of Taobao, Alibaba Group, have joined forces to create this incredible shopping opportunity. How it works is that Lazada links to Taobao, enabling Singaporean shoppers to gain direct access to the products they want on Taobao. 


This breakthrough collaboration means you now have full access to all the amazing worlds of items available on Taobao from home products to electronics to clothing to toys to shoes to handbags and beyond. There are so many reasons why this is the best shopping news to hit Singapore in years. 


Buy more of everything

With 5 million different products to shop from, it’s a pretty amazing way to shop online. But what makes it even better is that there are over 400,000 products that were previously not available that have been added with the sole purpose of serving Singaporeans. 


No more translators

With Taobao in Mandarin, it makes shopping difficult for many Singaporeans. Try as many of us might, those Mandarin lessons are tough. Previously, there were many Singaporeans that would hire an agent to assist them with purchasing the things they wanted on Taobao. Now you can do it all by yourself!


No crazy shipping fees

Have you ever ordered something online and gone to checkout, only to discover that the shipping is even more expensive than whatever you were purchasing? On Lazada, that will never happen to you because there is only a $2.99 fixed shipping rate per order. 


Authentic goods

China has no shortage of designer imposters, and that extends to Taobao too. With Lazada though, they enforce strict rules in regards to the originality of the items being sold. Lazada takes counterfeit goods very seriously and will take strong measures if they suspect something is fake. So shop without worry because Lazada has your back. 


So what are you doing still reading this? Visit Lazada and begin your best online shopping adventure ever and if your keen to purchase furnitures and need installers, consider ISOHomeCare handyman team