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Blog - Keep Your House Sparkling Clean with These 7 Habits

Keep Your House Sparkling Clean with These 7 Habits
By Gerald Peck 10/25/2016 12:05 AM

It might seem impossible to keep your home looking spotless, but it’s easier than you think. If you follow some of these helpful hints to establish good cleaning habits, it will keep your home more orderly which is the key to having a house that sparkles!


1. Do laundry daily

Laundry is one of those things that can get out of control really fast. Change that habit by doing a load of laundry each day or at least every other day. And don’t leave it to sit and wrinkle. Put everything away once it’s finished drying to keep from having piles of clothes building up. 


2. Make your bed 

Whether you do it in the morning or at night, making your bed can instantly pull your room together and make it look neat and tidy. Because walking into a room with a bed that isn’t made instantly has a messy feel to it, take the few seconds of effort and make your bed.


3. Don’t be lazy with the dishes

If you have a dishwasher, run it every night and make sure you unload the clean dishes in the morning. If not, don’t leave dishes sitting in the sink. It’s better to clear the clutter and get them washed up. With dishwashers, an empty dishwasher will help you have a place to put the dirty dishes you use throughout the day so they don’t stack up in your sink.  

washing dishes


4. Organise mail and papers

Mail, along with other paper items, can pile up fast and make for an unsightly mess. Change your habits so that when you get new mail or papers, you go through them immediately. In this way, you avoid stacking a giant pile of mail on the countertop. A mail organiser is also an effective way to easily store and sort your mail. 


5. Wipe down counters 

For every meal you eat, make sure you take a moment to wipe down your counters and tabletops of crumbs. Clear off pots and pans that you’ve used and disinfect surfaces to give your kitchen an instant clean.


6. Handle messes immediately

Don’t just leave a mess to clean up later. From smudges on the floors to handprints on the walls, don’t wait to clean it up or you may forget about it. 


7. Make use of decorative baskets

Baskets make for a pretty way to round up random items that come into a room. They add a nice vibe to the décor plus they can be used to store extra blankets, round up children’s toys, or hold magazines.  


By incorporating these habits into your daily life, you’ll find your home easier to keep clean and easier to enjoy.