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Blog - Is Your Water Bill Too High in Singapore?

Is Your Water Bill Too High in Singapore?
By Gerald Peck 7/9/2016 11:54 AM

Do you know that your monthly water bill in Singapore consists of the water tariff, water conservation tax, waterborne fee and sanitary appliance fee. Water Tariff of Potable Water can cost as high as $1.40/m3 excluding 45% of water conservation tax. 

Bet you will cringe in fear every time your water bill arrives? If it’s higher than normal, you might have a leak of some kind lurking in your home plumbing. Your toilet could be the culprit or perhaps your sink is to blame. Whatever is causing the higher water usage on your bill, you’ll want to get to the bottom of the problem so you can lower your water bill as much as possible in Singapore. 

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You’ll need to call in an expert plumber, but before you do, check out these steps on how to determine if your plumbing system has a leak. 


1. Shut off the water inside of your home.


2. Go to your water meter. You want to look for either a yellow or red triangle or a yellow or red circle. This is called a leak indicator, which shows water flow when no water should be flowing. If you find that it is spinning, that means there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing. 

3. Find the main shutoff valve and then close it but do so very slowly and carefully. Because this valve may not have been touched for many years, the high water pressure flowing into your home could erupt. When you turn this valve off, it will shut off all water coming into your home and the water meter should stop moving.

4. Should the meter still move after you’ve turned off the main water valve, then this valve is broken and you’ll need the help of an experienced plumber. This is not a problem you should ignore as if there is ever an emergency, you’ll need to turn off the water supply to your home and keep it from flooding your property. A licensed plumber can make sure everything is operating properly again. 


5. When the valve is completely turned off, check to see if any water is running by turning on a faucet in your home. 


6. If the valve is operating properly and the leak indicator is still moving, then your leak is located somewhere between the customer side and the meter. When you call for a plumber, be sure to also have them check your main shutoff valve to ensure that it is working properly and not needing any repairs. 

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Plumbing problems, especially those involving leaks, cause homeowners millions of dollars each year. By repairing them expertly and promptly, you will save quickly on your monthly water bill. 


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