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Blog - Installing CCTV in Singapore

Installing CCTV in Singapore
By ISOHomeCare 4/25/2018 7:22 PM

CCTV stands for closed circuit television.

It’s been used for around 20 years to prevent thefts or to catch culprits after the theft or crime has taken place. In a well populated city like Singapore, it’s a must to keep thieves at bay and have video evidence of any untoward incident.

But the laws in Singapore are strict for Installing CCTV’s. Here are the rules.


Rules for CCTV


  1. No permission required for Installing a CCTV in your own premises


CCTV’s can be installed in your own premises without any permission as long as it’s pointed towards your property or a common road of some sort. They can also be installed within the premises of your office to monitor employees, as long as there’s a sticker on the camera that instructs that people are being recorded. Employees have a right to know that they are being recorded.


2. Permission required for Installing a CCTV that tracks the neighbour of a house.


Sometimes residents put up CCTV’s to monitor their neighbours, or it’s accidentally pointed towards their neighbours houses. In this case, it’s a violation of law, to monitor the house of a neighbour and it’s a punishable offence. To avoid this, homeowners need to take permission from the local council to install a camera. Generally there’s a 6 month period till which the CCTV can be installed, beyond which, it needs to be taken down.


Singapore has not much of privacy laws and a neighbour can file a case in a court under Community Disputes, if they are unhappy with a camera pointing to their house.


3. Illegal to put CCTV in front of Restrooms and Toilets.


No matter where the location is. Whether inside your premises or office, it’s illegal to put a CCTV camera in front of a toilet. This is a clear violation and is a punishable offence.


4. Cannot point a CCTV in front of a Government building.


Even accidentally, a CCTV camera cannot be placed in front of a government building. This is a very serious offence and the punishment is sure to be severe.


5. Permission to Install a CCTV


When you live in HDB, you’ll need permission to put a CCTV in your own house. The reasons can be to track a maid, or children or elderly people or even a neighbour who disturbs your family. It’s easy to get permission to install a CCTV for the first three reasons, but for the last reasons, proof will be provided to be able to track your neighbour.


6. Changing Rules


When it comes to CCTV installations, rules keep changing and before you go about installing a CCTV, you’ll need to figure out what permissions you need, from whom and how long you can have your system installed.


Now that you have decided to Install a CCTV, here are a few things to consider.


  1. How to Install a CCTV


A lot of people think a CCTC is a plug and play device that can be installed by themselves. But, the truth is, you need professionals to install a CCTV and ultimately point it at the right direction. A wrong tilt, by an inch here or there, can affect the point of having a CCTV. The CCTV also needs to be installed tightly, and shouldn’t be affected by sudden rain or a bird flying close to it etc.

Hire our professionals from ISO Home Care to install a CCTV at your home or office.



  1. Types of CCTV


Dome Cameras


Dome cameras are popular cameras and are used to cover large spaces like retail outlets. The advantage with dome cameras is, people might not be able to clearly see where the camera is pointed at.


This type of camera is good to cover a large space.


Infrared Cameras


Infrared cameras are perfect for a low-light setting and it’s good to cover areas where there is a lack of light like side roads and inside complexes that don’t have any street lighting.


Vandal Proof Cameras


Some thieves are smart enough to know that CCTV’s exist and before they start stealing, they destroy the CCTV camera which might help identifying details like height, build, color of clothing, t-shirt etc.

A vandal proof camera is a tough camera with cashing, that cannot be easily destroyed.


Hidden Cameras


Hidden cameras are tiny cameras that are installed so that nobody knows that they are being tracked. This can be tricky because, this might be violating a few laws. But if the right permission is in place, then hidden cameras will be a good fit.


Hiring ISO Home Care


ISO Home care has been in the handyman service for the last 15 years and has handled many cases regarding installation of CCTVs.

Our team of professionals will do a thorough job in installing the CCTV camera and make sure it’s positioned in the right way that captures the area you want to track.

Book an appointment at to get a CCTV installed.

Disclaimer : ISO Home care is not responsible for any loss incurred due to theft after installation of the CCTV camera. Our job is restricted to installing the CCTV camera, pointed in the right direction.