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Blog - Guide to Buying Furniture in Singapore from Taobao

Guide to Buying Furniture in Singapore from Taobao
By Gerald Peck 12/30/2016 2:40 PM

The largest online shopping centre in Asia; Taobao promises best deals and offers value-for-money on its vast range of furniture. And with a new or a recently renovated house, it’s high time that you bring the best quality and brand of furniture at the best price. Research confirms that when it comes to furniture, 26% of Singapore homes prefer Taobao. Giving a potential threat to the local furniture brands, Taobao has been the ultimate brand of furniture in Singapore and nearby regions. For purchasing your desired furniture from your favourite online store, here is a complete guide to make the best choice and be aware while shopping and transacting at Taobao.

1. Reputation of the Seller

The first thing that you must see is the seller ratings. Based on feedback received from buyers and transactions made on Taobao, each seller has a Taobao rating. There are four levels of ratings- Gold Crown, Blue Crown, Heart and Diamond. Those having 5 hearts are the ones you can mostly rely. However, for high-end products, it’s better to go with sellers with at least 1 diamond rating.

2. Reviews of Past Customers

Once you have keyed on few sellers going by their reputations and ratings, you must then go through feedback and reviews of past customers. Buyer reviews are the most trustworthy way to develop impression about the furniture sellers. Some customers also post comments along with real Taobao furniture pictures, thus enabling you to get a good idea about the fittings. Besides positive comments, you must also read the negative views to be aware about the potential problems faced by past consumers.

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3. Contact Seller for Detailed Info

After seeing the ratings and reading customer feedback, you might still look for missing information. For complete knowledge and awareness about the product, you can contact the seller through instant Chinese messenger. However, if you are not comfortable in speaking Chinese, you might face serious communication issues.

4. Product Disputes are Common

On receiving the product in hand, the first thing you do is unwrap the package and ensure that you have received the right order. Often, sellers commit the mistake of sending wrong orders, which can be the product itself, or its design, colours or models. Most of these products don’t carry any warranty. In case of a product dispute, contact the seller immediately and work out things. At Taobao, the sellers are very helpful and give their best effort in solving matters pertaining to product disputes.

5. Know the Furniture Keyword Cheat Sheet

At Taobao, each category or theme of furniture has a specific keyword. Most buyers from Singapore aren’t aware about the keywords, and they fail to find the suitable furniture, as per their choice. Knowing the keywords will help you to easily find the exact furniture, among the varieties of collection.

6. Shipping And finally it’s about shipping and delivery 

First-time Taobao buyers mistake the product cost to be inclusive of shipping. However, while buying online furniture from Taobao, as a consumer, you must consider the cost of shipping back to Singapore. The cost of shipping depends on the actual and volumetric weight and you pay for whichever is higher. And since you are paying a significant shipping fee, inform your seller to provide best packaging. Besides this, you must also select a reliable shipping agent, who shall take care of your purchased furniture, while it’s being shipped.

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