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Blog - Great Ways to use Wet Wipes

Great Ways to use Wet Wipes
By Gerald Peck 8/24/2016 12:19 PM

Using wet wipes is an addiction. Yes, you read it right “an addiction”, with a good and positive reason to back. If you are a regular wet wipe user, undoubtedly, you can swear by their multi utility aspect.

Using wet wipes

Wet wipes are a loyal all purpose companion on whom you can count on to fix up your everyday house hold issues on numerous occasions.

  • Wet wipes are very handy, when you are on a cleaning spree, they work wonders for removing tough stains. You can use them to blot up stains whether they are on your clothes or on your expensive upholstery or on your posh carpet. They are extremely helpful for stain removal from micro- fiber couches.
  • If stubborn white deodorant marks on that classy black outfit of yours have spoiled your mood, wet wipes are a perfect and instantaneous solution.
  • While colouring hair at home, hair dye stains around the forehead, hairline and on neck quite common. Don’t let them bother you, as you can wipe them off with ease using wet wipes.
  • If you are allergic to dust or suffer from eczema or asthma, then wet wipes are your best friend while cleaning up or mopping, just fasten wet wipes to your mop to damp down dust and effectively accomplish your cleaning mission.
  • Having a bad hair day because of static. Just a mild quick over with a wet wipe will help you manage those frizzy tresses within seconds.
  • There are times when most of us have used wet wipes as toilet paper substitute and yes, they are extremely practical. Use them but ensure that you should not flush them.
  • Wet wipes are extremely useful in giving a perfect shine to your leather shoes; they can also be used to clean sides and bottom sole’s.
  • Wet wipes can be used to sponge up baby doll faces as well as other plastic or fiber toys.
  • Wrap wet wipe around a long stick or rod and use it to get rid of those pesky spider webs on the ceiling or the musty dust balls.
  • Used wet wipes once they lose all the moisture content can be effectively used to clean mobile screens, computer screens, or to get rid of nasty fingerprints from photo frames. They are also very useful in giving a new shine to your washroom mirrors and window panes.
  • Wipes are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places, just run them along your plantation shutters or venetian blinds, or run them along through the gash in your dining chairs or other tricky furniture.
  • Wipes are extremely handy for the hygiene freak souls, as they can be used on the go, while travelling in planes, trains or while using any public transport for that matter. You can wipe down handles, phones, remote controls in hotel rooms to satisfy that hygiene obsession of yours.
  • Wet wipes are extremely helpful in removing eye makeup and even renowned beauty experts can vouch for it.
  • They are very effective in cleaning car interiors.