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Blog - Getting Rid of Ants and How to Prevent Future Ant Invasions

Getting Rid of Ants and How to Prevent Future Ant Invasions
By Gerald Peck 10/6/2016 10:17 PM

Ants can be very annoying little pests. Once they get into your home, it can be extremely frustrating, especially when everything you try seems to do no good. Before you call in an expert exterminator though, try these tricks for getting rid of ants and protecting your home from another invasion.


1. Block off any points of entry

Take a good look around your home and watch where the ants are coming in. You’ll want to fill in gaps, crevices and cracks around doors, windows, walls and any other place you see. Even if you have a crevice the ants aren’t marching on through, seal it off so they can’t get in anymore.


2. Find and kill the scout
When you see an ant in your home, it most likely is coming to survey or scout out the situation. It will go back and report to its colony and if you don’t kill that ant before it gets back to its friends and family, you can be sure a whole bunch of them will come around very soon. 


3. Repel them at your points of entry
It doesn’t always need to be chemicals. You can use things like baby powder, cinnamon, white vinegar or even cayenne pepper to keep those pesky buggers away. You’ll want to put these things around your window sills and doorways to disgust the ants and keep them from wanting to enter. 


4. Don’t give them an available source of food
Ants are a lot like us in that they love sugary stuff. While they’ll come by for food you leave out, they are even more likely to come in searching for cookies and anything sugary you leave about. Make sure you store all food in airtight containers or wrapped tightly in plastic or foil wrap. Keep it in high-up places too, to avoid any ant encounters.


5. Keep your home clean
Make sure you’re keeping up with your housekeeping. Even if you’re short on time, sweep your floors of crumbs daily and vacuum often. If you have children, crumbs get everywhere. Ants love how many crumbs they can pick up from your children’s leftovers. Every day, make sure you wipe down your counters too so that crumbs get cleaned up before the ants get wise to them. 


6. Throw out garbage daily
Don’t let the garbage pile up so high that it looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you’ve got food in your trash, get it out of your home. If you don’t have a full bag of garbage to dispose of and don’t want to waste your garbage bags, get a trash can that has a tight-sealing lid so that bugs can’t get into it.


7. Turning to poisonous baits
Try not to turn to poisonous baits and chemicals unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you need to use them, make sure to read the labels carefully so you can avoid using anything that contains arsenic.


8. Know when to call in the pros

If you still have trouble with ants after trying all of these things, seek out an expert to come in and help you remove the infestation. Call ISOHomeCare to help you find a professional exterminator today.