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Blog - 5 Fantastic Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging

5 Fantastic Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging
By Gerald Peck 8/12/2016 7:16 PM

Most homeowners in Singapore feel fairly confident when it comes to hanging their own pictures. While it does seem like an easy task, properly hanging a picture is a little more complicated than it looks to ensure that it hangs well and looks balanced in your room. Here are 5 tips so that you can hang your pictures like a pro should you not look for a professional handyman service provider. 


1. Don’t just eye it out 

The worst thing you can do is just start banging nails randomly into your wall and hope that what you’re hanging will look good with the other pieces you’ve got. You should make a template first. Try folding up newspapers in the same sizes as the works you plan to hang and arrange them around on the wall until you like the way it looks. Once you’ve done it on this scale, it’s much less likely you’ll go to all that work and decide it looks uneven or you don’t like the way things are hanging. 


2. Use more than nails 

It seems like a nail is the item for the job, but you’ll always be straightening that picture. Plus, if you’re hanging it into drywall, it’s just not properly stabilised to hold the weight. Using the right hardware is crucial. Go to your local hardware store and get self-tapping threaded anchors and screws. These will give a wider point of balance without requiring the use of wire. When in doubt, ask the employees at the hardware store what they recommend.


3. Focus on your math skills 

The staggered look for hanging frames is very popular because many people have trouble lining up their pictures perfectly. Don’t fear keeping things on a straight line. There are special calculators that can help you plug in your dimensions so that you can evenly space your pictures in a snap. You can find one here

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4. Make a portable picture hanger

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when someone has found a clever picture-hanging hack you can use. This one allows you to easily mark your hole on your wall before hanging. You can follow the steps for this brilliant tip right here


5. Put your Post-It notes to good use

They aren’t just for jotting down numbers you’ll forget about…a Post-It note can help you catch the dust that inevitably comes from your wall after hanging your art on your drywall, concrete or plaster walls. Instead of creating a mess you’ll just have to clean up, save yourself the hassle and stick a folded Post-It note under the hole you’ve marked before you drill in. It will collect most of the mess and keep it from getting all over your furnishings and floor. 


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