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Blog - The Easy Way to Remove Stains from Your Carpet

The Easy Way to Remove Stains from Your Carpet
By Gerald Peck 1/3/2017 12:10 PM

Carpets always show their age and wear and tear long before anything else in your home. Spills and stains are all a part of life, especially if you have kids and pets in your home. Thankfully, there are a variety of cleaning methods that can help you handle every situation.


The first step though is figuring out whether your carpet is made from synthetic or natural fibre. Each one is different with handling stains so it’s important to know the difference to know how to tackle it. Always test commercial cleaning products on a small and unnoticeable spot to make sure it will not ruin your carpet and before starting any cleaning, always begin by blotting the spot with a clean rag then blot again after rinsing the rag. Scrubbing isn’t recommended as it can ruin the fibres of the carpet and further imbed the stain.


Food and Drink Stains

These are the most common types of stains you’ll ever encounter because they happen to everyone. For really difficult stains, mix one tablespoon of ammonia in a cup of water. If your carpet is made from natural fibres, use vinegar rather than ammonia. Use a spray bottle to spray it onto the stained area. Once saturated, blot it.


Oil and Grease Stains

There is nothing worse than getting cooking oil, crayons, or lipstick onto your carpet. These oil and grease-based stains are a major challenge. For synthetic carpets, put a very small amount of solvent onto a clean white cloth. Dab at it a few times and then push the cloth onto the stain for several seconds. Blot with the cloth after soaking it in lukewarm water. Once dry, you may need to repeat. For natural fibres, use the same method for synthetics, but before you rinse with lukewarm water, spray detergent on the stain and then blot.


Wax and Chewing Gum

These only seem horrid, but these are some of the easiest to get out. Simply place a paper towel over the wax or chewing gum and then go over it with your iron. See? Easy!

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Using a damp cotton ball or even a soft cloth, dip it into a small amount of rubbing alcohol, then press it on the spot. When the glue is well-moistened, gently wipe it away. Keep repeating until the glue residue is gone.


Dirt and Mud

Like food and drinks, dirt and mud is a relatively common type of stain. For synthetics and natural fibres, vacuum the carpet to remove as much dirt as possible. Then soak a clean white cloth into detergent and dab the affected area. For synthetics, hold the cloth down on the stain for several seconds. After a short wait, soak up the remainder of liquid with a dry cloth. Next, soak another clean white cloth in lukewarm water and dab at the area. For natural fibres, blot the area dry with a clean white cloth and spray it with vinegar. Blot once more and apply detergent to the stain. To rinse the residue of the cleaner, spray it with lukewarm water and then blot at it with a dry cloth. 


To prevent build-up from dust and dirt, you should vacuum your carpet at least once a week. 

Have your carpets cleaned every year or so too to help them last longer. If you’d rather leave the cleaning to the professionals, that’s okay too. Let ISOHomeCare help you find a quality carpet cleaner today!