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Blog - Cost of Hiring IKEA Singapore to Assemble Your Furniture

Cost of Hiring IKEA Singapore to Assemble Your Furniture
By Gerald Peck 12/27/2016 12:52 PM

There is no shortage of jokes about assemblage of IKEA furniture going awry out there on the internet. It seems that the functional furniture store everyone loves is a little difficult for most people to figure out when it comes to assembling and installing the pieces they buy.


Fortunately for you, if you’re not the handy sort, you can employ IKEA to assemble the pieces you buy into proper furniture. While it’s cheapest to attempt it yourself, paying IKEA to assemble it properly for you may save you loads of time and frustration down the road.


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IKEA offers packages of $18, $38, and $58 for furniture assembly. The furniture is grouped accordingly into one of these 3 packages. It depends on what you have purchased as to which category it will fall into. 


IKEA furniture might not be easy for everyone to put together, but IKEA does a good job of making it easy should you change your mind. Many people purchase their furniture and bring it home, hoping to assemble it themselves. But with certain items, things can get complicated quickly. If you choose to attempt building it yourself and then find you need dire assistance, you can have IKEA come out for $35 per trip needed to get your furniture set up. 


What if you want to assemble your IKEA furniture yourself but don’t have a single tool in your home? That’s no problem either. IKEA offers free short-term loans on power drills. Plus, if you purchase something as-is from the floor, you can also borrow IKEA’s tools to dismantle the as-is item yourself.


Ultimately, if you’re considering IKEA furniture, consider if you’re willing and able to invest the time and patience to assemble it. If you’re good with putting things together, it should be a fairly simple task. If you don’t know a wrench from a hammer though, it might be well worth it to pay extra for IKEA to assemble it properly so you don’t wind up with a home full of wonky furniture instead of modern-chic. 

Alternatively, engage ISOHomCare for their furniture assembly services in Singapore. Rates ranging from $50 per assembly of tables or chairs to $80 for storage cabinets.