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Blog - Your Handy How-to: Cleaning up after Painting your Walls

Your Handy How-to: Cleaning up after Painting your Walls
By Gerald Peck 7/14/2016 11:55 AM

You’ve painted your home and now the hard work is done, right? Well, not exactly. Before you get to revel in the new reveal of your home, you’ve got to clean up. Tough job it may sounds - Here are some handy tips on how to do that to ensure that your paint job looks like perfection through and through. 


1. If you’ve used water-based paint, remove all painters’ tape before allowing the paint to dry completely. If it’s already dry and you find the tape is lifting up the paint, you can use a utility knife to lightly score the top edge of the tape. This will help release the film so you can pull off the tape without pulling off the paint. For humid environments like in Singapore, allow for more drying time. 

painters tape 

2. Keep your tools around for a long time by keeping them clean. This way, you can use them for all future paint projects. If you’re using latex-based or water-based paints, make sure you always clean your tools with soap and water, rinsing until clean. If it’s oil-based paint you’re using, clean it with mineral spirits.

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3. You can keep the bristles of your paintbrushes clean by using a paint comb. After you wash your paintbrushes, shake off the extra water from the bristles and then squeeze the extra water out of your roller. Once the brushes are dry, you can use the paint comb to remove any bits of paint that still cling to your bristles.

 painting tools

4. When you have finished cleaning your paintbrushes, make sure to hang them by the handles to let the water drain out. It will dry faster and keep the metal band of the brush from rusting. 

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5. When your paint has completely dried, you can take down all the protective coverings and remove any tarps. Now you can begin putting outlet covers, light switch plates and light fixtures back up.

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6. If you have any paint leftover, clean off the outside edge of the paint can as well as the interior rim to avoid any unwanted messes.

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7. Don’t ever throw empty paint containers, leftover paint or dirty paint rags in with your regular garbage. Call your local sanitation services to help you dispose of these items properly. 


8. To keep your new paint job looking fresh, you can wash it after a month by using a mild soap and water mixture. This will allow you to enjoy your new paint job for years to come.


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