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Blog - Must have Child Proofing products at Home

Must have Child Proofing products at Home
By Gerald Peck 3/1/2017 6:18 PM

A toddler is always excited to look out stuff at home. Having a baby seems like a full-time position running behind him assuring his safety. Consequently, to make sure things are kid proof at home, the following are the must have child proofing products at home.


Spout covers

sprout cover

Save your toddler's head from the bathtub faucet using the spout coats. These covers are made up of spongy material that ensures your baby is secure from getting hurt. Set the temperature of the spout covers to warm and do check it yourself first to make sure it is merely warm and not hot.


Safety plugs

safety plug

Get transparent and tiny plastic caps that plug into the electrical outlets or use covers substituting the entire plate to protect the power strip. These options make sure our baby’s fingers are safe no matter how naughty he gets.


Baby gates

baby gate

These are the barriers placed on the top and bottom of the stairs at home. You can also put them in the doorways avoiding shutting of doors at home. The baby is safe and can enjoy thumping at home. He is not tied inside as he can see in and out as the doors remain open. These gates ensure your toddler’s safety as it prevents your child from going out.


Bed Rails

bed rail

Do you know, your baby is much comfortable with a big bed rather than a small crib? Your baby loves crawling and rolling at night. The rails allow the child to climb in and out of bed ensuring safety while others at home are asleep.


Cabinet locks

cabinet lock

Stuff like chemicals, plastic bags, trash, etc. is fatal for your baby. But the child does not understand this and is quite curious to play with everything. Thus, instead of renovating the entire house, you can simply purchase cabinet locks to avoid letting your baby reach the unwanted items. The cabinets open when you loosen the switch. However, babies will not be able to do so!


Edge guards

edge guard

These guards are fit on the corners of the desks, tables, countertops or any other corner where your baby can reach easily. The edge guards are either made up of foam or a very delicate rubber glued on the back. They can easily be applied and removed whenever you want.


Toilet locks

toilet locl

It is dangerous if your child reaches the bathroom full of germs and water. Also, calling a plumber 's hard on any of the problems caused. Thus, to avoid letting your kid reach the toilet, use toilet locks that keep the lid and toilet seat locked to the toilet bowl. There are varied toilet locks. Choose the one with easy installations which does not require you using adhesive.


Anti-tip safety straps

anti tip strap

These can be put anchor the electrical equipment, furniture to the wall. Thus, if your child tries to pull heavy things, there would be no disastrous harm to the baby.


Plastic stove guard

stove guard

These are similar to the sneeze protectors found at restaurants. Attach them in front of the stove keeping the burden out of the reach of your toddler. The knob covers along with the guard will limit your kid from turning on the stoves.


Window limiters

window limiter singapore

Do you have active children? Do you want to enjoy full view without any grille? When staying in high-rise buildings, HDB, or condominium, widely opened windows can create a utterly dangerous environment for children at home. The safety window restrictor was designed with well being and safety in mind so that you can restrict how wide your windows open and prevent children from falling out of them.


So, employ these safety guards at home and let your toddler enjoy the freedom of doing anything he wants. There’s no more tension taking when you have these safety products placed at home!