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Blog - Best Singapore Interior Design Trends for 2017

Best Singapore Interior Design Trends for 2017
By Gerald Peck 2/1/2017 11:57 AM

Fashion isn’t just about what we wear. It’s about how we style our homes too. Fashion trends run well beyond the runway to influence what’s hot for our home décor. When it comes to decorating your home in Singapore, you should know about the latest design options to incorporate your home to keep it looking modern and up-to-date, which is a crucial factor in real estate regarding the resale value of your home. 


That’s not to say that every single fashionable home trend is suitable for your home or your tastes though. It should still reflect your character, style, and preferences. It should also remain a comfortable place to unwind at the end of your busy day. 


Curious about what these new interior design trends are this 2017? We have them right here.


Natural stone

Stone carving in every way imaginable is one of the hottest home trends this year. If you’d like to incorporate stone into your home, consult an expert in stone carving for ways to bring this element to life in your home. This is one trend that experts advise you not to do yourself due to the complexity of carving stone. 



Metals of all types are a strong trend for 2017 home décor. Flip through any interior design magazine, and you’ll see copper and brass everywhere, serving a variety of functions. From bathroom fixtures to furniture, it makes for a great way to update and upgrade your home. Hottest of all, you’ll see metals combined with wood and pink hues.



The trend of keeping things simple and minimalistic is still going strong. That’s because when designing your interior, focusing on comfort, quality and coziness is most important. A home that’s cluttered with too many things from furniture to wall décor feels stifling and suffocating. Keep it simple by staying away from large furniture pieces that can make your space feel cramped. 


Natural materials

Along with simplicity, the trend toward more natural elements is on the rise. Homeowners everywhere are recognising that synthetic materials can cause harm to their health as well as the environment.


Bright kitchen colours

Kitchens this year are getting the green light, quite literally. Interior design professionals are recommending bright shades of colours, particularly green, red, and blue. For example, choosing a bright and saturated hue of these colours to make a wall pop in the kitchen should then be contrasted against with the surrounding furniture and appliances. Vintage items are also still en vogue, unless of course your kitchen utilises modern materials and monochromatic colours like white, grey, and black, which will create a feeling of discord. 


Spacious kitchens

Another trend regarding the kitchens of today is to keep it as spacious as possible. There shouldn’t be anything beyond basic furniture here. Keep it ergonomic and work with straight, defined lines.


Minimalist living rooms

By keeping your living room in line with the principles of minimalism, you allow it to have a more elegant and stylish look while still remaining functional. As mentioned earlier, too many items can lead to a cluttered feeling that disrupts the harmony of your home. Wall décor should be kept very simple, with perhaps one or two paintings that speak to your soul. Furniture shouldn’t exceed more than a comfortable sofa and two armchairs plus a small wardrobe. You can also incorporate the stone trend in here with wooden pieces to make the trendy wall colours for living rooms (milk, lemon, and coffee hues) bring more life into the room.


Warm bedrooms

The place where we rest our heads is getting an especially big trend this year. Interior designers are recommending a warm yellow colour for bedrooms. It evokes feelings of sunlight and can brighten your mood from the beginning of the day. But do be careful when going yellow in your bedroom. Too much yellow will be over stimulating. You must take care to mix it with other shades like green, brown, and grey. Raspberry will also give it a slight pop without adding chaos. Think about the contrasts of these colours with your furniture, bedding and décor. Additionally, the bedroom is another place where minimalism is essential. No more than a bed, bedside tables, and dresser should be in most bedrooms. For bedrooms without built in closets, a proper wardrobe is also acceptable. 


Bare bones bathrooms

When it comes to the bathrooms in your home, simplicity is key this year to maximize space. Make use of the metal trend for fixtures while harmonising it with wood, perhaps in the flooring. You can also incorporate natural stone flooring if you’d prefer. Stick to colours like blue and white, which is the trendiest colour palate for bathrooms in 2017. There needn’t be too many items in the bathroom, save for a few key pictures or even flowers. Marble is still utilised so if you have it in your bathroom, there’s no need to tear it up. Perhaps a facelift with new paint is in order to bring your bathroom into the fashionable zone.


This year, fashionable interior design is about taking old things and making them new again, as well as incorporating more natural elements while still keeping it simple and modern. If you’re considering updating your home with the newest design trends, talk to an interior designer about your desires. Professional interior designers can help guide you to great choices for the interior of your home that fit with your unique style, plus they can help you make it a comfortable place that you’ll be happy to retreat to at the end of each day.  

Hook up our Interior Design team ZARA-ISO here for a quick project quote if your keen to apply such fashion to your homes.