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Blog - Why You Should Add an Awning to Your Singapore Home

Why You Should Add an Awning to Your Singapore Home
By Gerald Peck 11/8/2016 11:28 AM

In the hot climate like Singapore, it’s always good to have some extra shade and find ways to keep your house cooler. If you install an awning on your home, you’ll discover the many benefits an awning can bring to your home. Here are some reasons why you should have an awning installed on your home before the hot sun comes around again.

awning singapore

1. Enhances the look of your home

Adding an awning is a very inexpensive way to add some more curb appeal to your home. Awnings come in all kinds of different colours, patterns, and styles so it’s easy to find one that matches your home. Additionally, it adds to your homes resale value so if you plan on selling your home someday, you’ll be making a wise investment by installing an awning now.


2. Reduces electric costs

Because awnings are large and generally cover several windows, it will save you money by lowering your electric bills. The awning will keep your windows in the shade, reducing the amount of heat your windows can trap inside. That leads to a cooler home. In winter, the opposite happens. The awning will block out cold air from seeping into your windows which will save you money when it comes to the cost of cooling your home. 


3. Blocks out harmful UV rays

After enough time with the sun shining on them through the windows, those UV rays will cause fading on your furniture, curtains, and carpets. With an awning, your things keep their original hue because the awning blocks these harmful rays. 


4. Adds more living space

Perhaps your patio would look better with a roofed-in area, but the costs are too high. An equally attractive option for much cheaper is to go with an awning. It provides a covered area and gives you more outdoor space. Even on a rainy day, you can enjoy sitting outside yet stay dry under your awning.


5. Guards against nature

Awnings are a great way to turn rain away from your home, causing it to disperse in a more even fashion. They also provide protection to window frames, keeping them from enduring moisture damage.


So what are you waiting for? Find an awning you like to enhance your home in Singapore and start enjoying cheaper electric bills and a prettier home today. Let ISOHomeCare help you find someone to install your new beautiful awning and contact us now!