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Blog - 6 Great Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler

6 Great Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler
By Gerald Peck 5/30/2016 2:13 PM

When the temperatures keep climbing and the sun is burning bright in the sky, it’s even miserable being inside your own home. It feels like the heat gets in everywhere. Unless you’re out on the beach or by the pool, hot weather is no fun. Inside your home though, you can keep your castle much cooler with a few simple tips so that you don’t have to sweat it out any longer. Here’s how to keep your home cooler:


1. Adopt some plants

Plants are great for cleaning our air and making our home space feel more vibrant and welcome. Plants like the bamboo palm and Boston fern are also known for humidifying the air we breathe. They will help keep things cool in your home naturally. 


2. Use as much cotton fabric as possible

In the summer months when the heat is at its peak, make sure to use cotton sheets on your bed. If your couches are made of leather, cover them with cotton too. Cotton is a breathable fabric, allowing for more air flow and reducing your chances of becoming sticky with sweat. Be sure to select light coloured cotton sheets, like white, cream or even a subtle yellow or pink. The lighter the colour the more light it will reflect, giving it a much cooler air.


3. Choose light coloured fixtures

Make colours work for you. Pastels are a great way to reflect an air of cool. If your home is filled with heavy woods and dark colours that you can replace, try adding in some light coloured accents like vases, furniture and shelving to help make it feel lighter and cooler.


4. Use light coloured window treatments

Window shades, blinds and drapes are all excellent for keeping the beaming sunlight out of your home. But if those items are dark in colour, they will absorb more heat. Choose light colours so that your window treatments reflect the light and heat away from your home.


5. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent and inexpensive way to make your home feel larger than it actually is. By creating the illusion that there is more space, it will make your home feel cooler as though the air is able to circulate freely instead of being confined into a small bit of space. Done right, your home will instantly feel much larger than it is.


6. Have your air conditioner maintained

You should always check your air conditioning unit to be sure it’s operating properly. Keep your air filter clean. It should be changed once a month. If your unit is older, have a handyman come check it out to ensure it is operating at its optimum. A properly maintained unit will keep things much cooler and keep your electric bill from skyrocketing.


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