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Blog - 10 Most Common Household Renovation Mistakes To Avoid in Singapore

10 Most Common Household Renovation Mistakes To Avoid in Singapore
By Gerald Peck 1/11/2016 4:32 PM

The 10 Most Common Household Renovation Mistakes To Avoid in Singapore


When you have decided to dramatically transform your home, the ensuing excitement can cause homeowners to make hasty decisions that lead to larger issues over the long haul. Without the correct planning and know how, a household renovation project will often go horribly distratrous. Before you embark on a renovation project, be sure to read on and learn more about the ten most common mistakes and problems to avoid.


1. Failure To Measure Properly


Measure twice, cut once might be a common cliché, but like most clichés, it has endured this long for good reason. Unless you take accurate measurements, you will end up spending more on your building materials. The measurements you take are the basis for the pricing and cutting of your materials and a core element of any remodeling plan. Measuring is how you avoid purchasing items that do not fit in their assigned places and ensure that your costs remain within the budget that was previously agreed upon. 


2. Selecting The Cheapest Possible Contractor 


As with any project, it is tempting to select the contractor that offers you the lowest possible price. Singapore singlish hokkien has a saying "Ai Pin, Ai Ching" "Want cheap, want good". But large purchases like renovating a house in Singapore requires a process that is more well thought out. According to home renovation experts, a homeowner should speak to at least three to five contractors before making a final decision. A contractor that offers you a cheap quote just to obtain your business is not one who will stand behind their work and this is typically a major red flag.


3. Saving on the Budget


A home renovation project can be tough to predict, from a budgeting standpoint, unforeseen problems always arise, which is why it is important to provide yourself with a bit of wiggle room when it comes to your allotted budget. We always heard of friends buying furnitures from China Ecommerce Taobao to save costs. However most ended with sad untold stories where there is no refund when their goods arrive in bad condition. Surprises pop up when you least expect them to, so don't skimp on the budget. Experts recommend setting aside at least 15 percent of your overall budget for surprise expenses.


4. Excessive Gutting (Knocking down of walls)


When money is no object, many homeowners decide to gut an entire room by knocking down of old walls and start from scratch, but this is not advisable in most instances. If you decide to gut a whole room from top to bottom, it is important to have a plan in place. Consulting with professional contractors first is also to your benefit. Otherwise, a homeowner could end up finding themselves in a very tricky situation.



5. Failure To Consider Lighting 


If you are not taking lighting under serious consideration during your household renovation planning, you are planning to back yourself into a major corner. When you are making dramatic changes to your household decoration scheme, this can have a drastic effect on the feeling and ambiance that is created as a result. There is a huge difference between drama lighting, general lighting and task lighting. Researching which one works best for your home before remodeling is crucial. You need a combination to have a really good end design. Also, don’t forget about natural lighting!


6. Trying To Be Trendy 


Forget the trends of the current home when renovating your home. An excessive focus on the trends like house painting of right now is an easily avoidable mistake. In most instances, the household renovation project is something that a homeowner will be forced to live with for several years. Current trends always expire and a household renovation project is not the time to prove how hip and with it you are. The best thing to do is go for a timeless look. Because the trendier things are, the quicker it will go out of style. This can bring down your home’s resale value.


7. Forgetting About Electrical System Updates


The electrical system in your home is one of the unsung heroes. It is never seen and it is peacefully out of sight and out of mind. But forgetting about electrical system updates during a household renovation project is one of the most common mistakes regularly made by homeowners from all walks of life. Consulting with an electrician before embarking on a remodeling project will keep you from coming to the shocking realization that you have no ability to plug in your most important household items. 


8. No Drain For The Laundry Room


Ignoring the installation of a drain in your home's laundry room is a mistake that is all too commonplace. What happens if the hose on your washing machine happens to break one day? Your house could end up flooding, destroying all of the money, time and effort that you've sunk into renovating the domicile. Professional plumbers should be consulted for this part of the project, as an incorrect installation could cause soap suds to back up into other rooms of the house. 


9. Not Doing Your Research 


When you are planning a household renovation project in Singapore, it is best to do all of the preliminary legwork and research before commencing. While many homeowners will outsource the hardest work to a professional contractors, it never hurts to remain involved. Knowing what you are looking for and knowing what the contractor is doing allows to keep a close watch over the project. Knowing more also provides you with the information you need to ask intelligent questions of your contractor, electrician and plumber.


10. Second Guessing 


Once you've begin your long awaited household renovation project, it is time to trust your instincts and the homework you've done beforehand. Second guessing is a natural instinct, but it will do you no good. If the plans have been made and the contractors have already started to work, it is a bit late to start having cold feet. Any major changes or alterations that you want to make after the fact are going to be quite pricey, so bear this fact in mind during your initial planning phase. 

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