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Anti Slip Solutions in Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By ISOHomeCare
1/11/2018 10:50 AM
There can be a lot of reasons for the slippery floors and to know the reason no rocket science is needed. Some of the reasons for slippery floor are grease or other slippery chemicals, bacteria, or cleaning methods which are not proper. The easy way to do is put a proper coating on the floor to...
Looking for Affordable Contractor Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By ISOHomeCare
1/4/2018 9:13 AM
Looking for a reliable company to help in the renovation of your house or office? Affordable Contractor Singapore is here to help you with the best contractors dealing in renovation business. You have to be sure about several aspects while selecting the best and the most affordable, good and...
Guide to finding RELIABLE & REPUTED Electrician and their prices in Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By ISOHomeCare
12/12/2017 5:56 PM
When it comes to the safety of your home as well as offices in Singapore, opting the dedicated services of an electrical contractor can be of utmost importance. An array of benefits comes handy when we talk about finding a reliable and reputed electrician, first of all, he will not overcharge...
Benefits of having Humidifiers at home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
5/11/2017 4:06 PM
Dry air is becoming a common phenomenon across the world; hence the urge to find the perfect humidifier for your room is becoming an ultimate necessity. But what makes the dry air so dangerous? Well, the dry air is very corrosive to the respiratory tract of human beings and also harms your body...
Lazada Makes it Possible for Singaporeans Shop Taobao in English
Posted By Gerald Peck
4/27/2017 2:22 PM
If shopping is your pleasure, get ready to shop ‘til you drop. Now you can buy from the largest ecommerce site in the world – Taobao. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an online Chinese supermall that will now and forevermore be available to Singaporeans in English....
Top 5 Ways to Save Electricity in Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
4/2/2017 6:19 PM
The modern technology driven world depends highly on electricty to operate. Without electricity/energy, none of our modern day appliances will be able to operate. We use the energy in the form of electricity and it has become an essential part of our lives. Producing electricity in Singapore is...
Never Do These 5 Things when You have Clogged Pipes at your Singapore Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/29/2017 6:38 PM
Discovering a clogged pipe is never fun. You may reach for chemicals or try your hand at being a plumber for the day, but before you attempt anything, you better read on for the things you should never ever do when you discover a clogged pipe....
5 Great Ways to Make Life Easier in Your Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/14/2017 5:58 PM
Ever wish there was a better way to do something? We know the feeling. It’s that Eureka-moment that everyone has sooner or later when we think to ourselves, “How did I not think of this sooner?” There are things that will save you time, money, your sanity, or even a combination...
Why do you need an Air Purifier in your Singapore Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/9/2017 5:45 PM
The air outside might be frightful, but if you hurry into your home thinking that you can breathe a sigh of relief, think again. The same air that’s outside is inside your home too. Even in countries with cleaner air, you’ll still find lots of unwanted items coming into your lungs...
Must have Child Proofing products at Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/1/2017 6:18 PM
A toddler is always excited to look out stuff at home. Having a baby seems like a full-time position running behind him assuring his safety. Consequently, to make sure things are child proof at home, the following are the must have child proofing products at home. ...