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Top 5 Ways to Save Electricity in Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
4/2/2017 6:19 PM
The modern technology driven world depends highly on electricty to operate. Without electricity/energy, none of our modern day appliances will be able to operate. We use the energy in the form of electricity and it has become an essential part of our lives. Producing electricity in Singapore is...
Never Do These 5 Things when You have Clogged Pipes at your Singapore Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/29/2017 6:38 PM
Discovering a clogged pipe is never fun. You may reach for chemicals or try your hand at being a plumber for the day, but before you attempt anything, you better read on for the things you should never ever do when you discover a clogged pipe....
5 Great Ways to Make Life Easier in Your Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/14/2017 5:58 PM
Ever wish there was a better way to do something? We know the feeling. It’s that Eureka-moment that everyone has sooner or later when we think to ourselves, “How did I not think of this sooner?” There are things that will save you time, money, your sanity, or even a combination...
Why do you need an Air Purifier in your Singapore Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/9/2017 5:45 PM
The air outside might be frightful, but if you hurry into your home thinking that you can breathe a sigh of relief, think again. The same air that’s outside is inside your home too. Even in countries with cleaner air, you’ll still find lots of unwanted items coming into your lungs...
Must have Child Proofing products at Home
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
3/1/2017 6:18 PM
A toddler is always excited to look out stuff at home. Having a baby seems like a full-time position running behind him assuring his safety. Consequently, to make sure things are child proof at home, the following are the must have child proofing products at home. ...
A guide to improving your home décor and storage upcycling wood pallets!
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
2/27/2017 6:05 PM
Let us talk about improving the home décor with wood pallets where we shall discuss some interesting ideas on what to make some fabulous furnishing with the wooden boards. So, if you look forward to making attractive furnishings to add to your home décor, look out for wooden...
Tips to be a perfect Landlord in Singapore
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
2/22/2017 5:55 PM
Having a property management company though seems to be an easy money making business, but is equally terrible. One has to deal with numerous issues like listening to complaints tenants constantly making, dealing with tenants who do not make rent payments on time, property repairs and the list...
Buyer Beware! Don’t Buy Your Singapore Apartment Until You Read This!
Posted By Gerald Peck
2/13/2017 5:52 PM
Finding an apartment to purchase in Singapore is a time-consuming process that requires hours of research and tours. Real estate agents are always putting on a happy face, eager to make their commission too. Tempting as it is to snatch up the first decent property you come across, here are...
Leave it to the Pros: 6 DIY Projects You Shouldn’t Attempt Yourself
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
2/5/2017 12:59 PM
There are tons of books and blogs out there devoted to DIY projects. There are even stores out there catering to those that dabble in DIY. But there are some projects where it is best to leave the work up to the professionals. Some projects are simply too complicated or dangerous to attempt if...
Best Singapore Interior Design Trends for 2017
Posted in Home Improvement | By Gerald Peck
2/1/2017 11:57 AM
Fashion isn’t just about what we wear. It’s about how we style our homes too. Fashion trends run well beyond the runway to influence what’s hot for our home décor. When it comes to decorating your home in Singapore, you should know about the latest design options to...